Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great People in Panama!

I just love this guy. He always has a big smile and his vegetable stand is one of many in the farmers mercado building. I buy pineapples (pina's) from him and he picks just the right one to cut into either that day or the next day, whatever I request. The best pineapples I have ever had for $1-1.50. And mangos, I love those mangos, depending, I get either 4 or 6 mangos for 1.00! And avacados, .25 cents each!!!

I just love the people here, they are always smiling and friendly and eager to help. FOR EXAMPLE; I bought a small lamp the other day at a pharmacy (farmacia) gift shop and it didn't have a light bulb in it. It must have been the manager that was helping me cause he was dressed in a nice suit and went into his office and brought out a light bulb for me to try. (I am sure he took it out of one of his own lamps). "Good, can I buy the light bulb?" "No" he says (it really wasn't the right type of bulb, it was more of a spot light), "I need a light bulb for my lamp" I say. Now mind you, I am trying to speak in espanol, which is not a pretty picture, and I am smiling and moving my hands and trying to get the point across, and he disappears. Umm, he was gone so fast, where did he go? My lamp is there, so I wait looking at other stuff in the store for maybe 2 minutes, and in the door he comes with a huge smile and a brand new light bulb, in the box, in his hand!!! He shows me the receipt, .30 cents. He had gone down to a store a few doors down and bought one for me!!!!! Oh my, I was astounded!! What service, but what a lovely thing for him to do! And he looked even happier than I did!

Did I mention, I just love the people here!!

Question for Dog People...

I am thinking of making a new cuff bracelet design that says "Be the Person Your DOG Thinks You Are". I have it on a link bracelet now, but have had several requests for it to be on a cuff, so I thought I would ask you; my friends, collectors, dog lovers, etc.
Would you like to see this added to my collection?? Please comment below. And if you mention CONTEST, it will also enter you in the contest for my sterling Protect Me pendant. Hard to beat that deal!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Want to win THIS?!! .......Be part of my first Contest!

This contest is closed, but there is a new contest started 7/23/10 that will be going on for about a month. Check my blogs current post for info.

This is a substantial piece of Sterling. Not the light weight, can't tell if you have them on, (or lose them) neck charms that are so common now. I made this pendant first in clay, forming the wings into a beautiful sculpture. Then on the back I stamped the words "Protect Me". You can use this as a talisman for protection, a reminder that you are not alone, or just as a beautiful piece of sterling art. It is almost 1" across and quite thick. Reminds me of those lost treasures that are found at sea, when the trunks are opened and all the silver and gold coins fall out.

You can win this "treasure" by simply leaving a comment below telling me what your favorite Toby and Max piece of jewelry is. If you need to visit my website to browse all my designs click here to go to BUT, DON'T FORGET TO COME BACK HERE TO THIS BLOG POST to leave your comment. (COMMENTS are listed at the end of this post, click, and you can read all the comments left or you can click on the Jump to Comments Form and leave your comment.) AND, BE SURE TO include your first name and your email address or some way I can contact you if you should win the contest. Also, just to make it a tad more interesting please put the name of the state or country you are currently in.
Contest is over the end of August, so enter now, and I will notify the lucky winner shortly thereafter.

ALSO, if you can't wait, or want one for a friend, then now is the time to buy, as I have just put them on sale. 25% off only for the length of the contest. Click here to go to sale.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I have to share my new find!!

I blogged about her on my travel blog , but am posting here in case you missed it there. Isn't she cool!
I love her face. She is carved wood, (except the wings are metal) and she is from Guatamala. I bought her here in Boquete, Panama at the store I blogged about before Casa Colonial. She is such fun to have around. I put her on a little table in the corner of my livingroom and I am going to put a spot light on her as soon as I figure out how to get one to work.
I didn't notice the golden boots till I got her home! She has a few fingers missing, but I think that makes her more interesting and handmade looking. She is about 2 feet tall.
Oh, and she has some cracks in her; but don't we all!