Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just finished some new designs!!

I am so excited!! I just finished some new designs and I just love them. I am exceptionally happy with a particular one that I think alot of folks will really like. It is a cuff bracelet (sterling)(when you get to know me better, you will know that all my silver is sterling), and along the entire top runs a row of 'pebbles' and it looks like a pathway. The words that are handstamped on the inside and read "I will travel down the path of my Dreams"! Boy, how true for me to need that reminder to help me focus on where I am going and what I want to do. Anybody else need that kind of reminder??

Oh, and I have a couple new Dog designs!! So cute, the top of the cuff reads "When God made Dog~He smiled". And where the ~ mark is I put a tiny little dog bone in the shape of a smile! That should bring a smile to the face of whoever is wearing this piece!! I also made a flat heart shape with the words on both sides to be worn either as a pendant, or (GREAT IDEA I think) on your dog's collar!!!!! This is a new idea I just came up with so it will be interesting to see how the dog lovers out there like it. It comes with a jumpring to make attaching to necklace chain or dog collar easy! It is now pictured above on more current blog entry.

I have more, but right now I will try and get the pictures posted and then I am getting away from my computer for the day. Hope to see you again soon. xoxo


Anonymous said...

I just love them! I am going to log onto your website to see more.
Annie in Washington

Anonymous said...

Hey chica - welcome to the blogging world!