Monday, May 28, 2012

Starfish pics around the world

There is just something about Starfish that is so captivating. So different, and if you go to link you will see 15 pic, with some of the most beautiful BLUE Starfish. Enjoy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just made this for GIVEAWAY.

I just made this collage, and I only had about 30 minutes to do it in! I wish I had more time to 'tweak' it here and there, but sometimes thats the way it goes. It's for a giveaway on ashleyannphotography. Ashely's site is wonderful and if you visit you will have a chance to win my giveaway and also many others. I like to spread the "good news"! Giveaway is tomorrow so don't miss out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Most BEAUTIFUL Photography ever..

So AMAZING, I wanted you to see this. Oh, it takes your breath away, at least it did mine. Please enjoy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Celebrate your Adventures in Life!

Adventures, romances, travels, journeys of all types are beautifully expressed with spirals and pearls. On the back, is "Life is a Journey ~ Enjoy the Moments" A FAVORITE quote of ours and yours!! Made of recycled pewter and beautifully finished on adjustable chain with lobster clasp. Made in the USA of course!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Baubles for you...

3 new beautiful baubles for you, for your dog, or for your MAN DOG!! Whether he has a rough and tough 4 legs, or 2!! New clasp you can move around from necklace to collar, to purse or belt loop. More to come, collect them on a neck chain or where ever you like.

Also available on a Beautiful 20" antique chain that comes with your choice of 1 of our new baubles to begin your collection. Add to it anytime when you find another you just can't refuse!! (7 available currently and more coming soon!)

"MAN DOG" looks great on black leather, perfect for the man in your life. Or, if you have a big bruiser of a dog, he will look great in it too!

"My Heart Belongs to You", is good for, well, just about anybody you love. Your wife, your girlfriend, (one a a time please :), your favorite dog or cat.

"Wonder Dog" is a classic cause everyone thinks knows their dog is a wonder dog!! I know mine is :) xo, Sandy

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Antigua Guatamala, a new adventure

Wow! Unplanned and quite a surprise I got to visit a new country! Antigua, means old (I bet you knew that already didn't you) and the town is definitely old. Streets are all cobblestones which makes for interesting walking while sightseeing. Always looking down to see if the next step might be an ankle twister, while looking in all the open shop doors at the beautiful courtyards, restaurants, and stores.

The town has walled streets that are all 2 stories, that to me was like looking down a tunnel or a maze until I got used to them. No signs showing you what was inside the building are allowed to hang out from the wall, so when you look down the main streets, you can't tell what is down there until you walk up to each door and read the sign that is flat against the wall. It is kinda nice, (once you know your way around) that you don't have signs hanging out all over, but it makes for a lot of walking on the cobblestones to see what is down the block.

I have lots of pictures of women carrying bundles on their head, and fruit baskets! I will post those soon. Also coming up, and so interesting (really is, even though it might not sound like it) is where the women do their laundry, in a communal setting. Fascinating.

One of the many beautiful courtyards that entice you to enter. This is a restaurant, one of dozens in the town.
The Square in the center of town. Everything goes on 'around the square'. I found the mountains beautiful in the background.
Textiles is what Guatamala is known for. I was so happy to be able to see the women actually using their looms. Beautiful fabrics, and I got a couple that will soon be adorning my walls.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not for the faint of heart......

Today was my first time to cook a whole chicken here in Latin America. I really didn't think about it, a chicken is a chicken right? I usually only buy breast, boneless & skinless, cause that is my favorite part, and I hate to mess with raw chicken. I don't even like to touch it. It's easier to get a breast ready to rinse and put in a pan to bake.

Ok, so I am not a consummate cook, I admit that. Well, today I decided to do up a whole chicken with all the fixens for company was coming over and I knew they liked the dark meat.

Knowing I don't like to 'deal' with chicken, I open up the bag and take a look.

Ok, so I was prepared to find maybe gizzards inside. But when I open the bag, I saw this hanging out.

Ick, did they put those in there?!

Oh yes, they included the feet in the tummy canal! Oh, I so hate raw chicken anyway. I can barely stand to touch it.
So I put on a plastic bag around my hand and pull out the leg, one at a time, and I think maybe there is only one in there. I can’t get a grip on anything else. Then I find something else and pull it out, yep theres more…
I almost started crying!!! It was awful. I was not prepared for this. I kept apologizing to the bird the whole time I put his feet and head in a black bag and sealed him up for disposal. “Oh honey, I am so sorry, I am so sorry”. Because I saw his head, it somehow felt more personal. I didn't like that a bit. It made me feel like an animal killer. Which by eating this, I guess maybe I am?

I have heard it said that people in the U.S., or cities, are too distant from the meat they eat. Detached from the reality of eating animals. I just know this, that I don’t want to ever eat anything again that has a head!!!!

Lord, please help me to like vegetables more.