Thursday, October 9, 2008

I love little boxes! How about you?

I just felt like making something different. Sometimes when you work with metal and stamps all the time, you just get an itch to get out the paintbrush and color away! I just found these really cool boxes with hinges! and they are bare-naked wood before I begin.

I had so much fun working on this box. It is not finished as you can probably tell. I thought, 'what should I put on my box', well, my favorite things of course! I love flowers, and I love bees. Well, bees that don't sting me, but thats another story. I am allergic, but I know we need to help the honeybees now as they are having trouble keeping themselves alive and healthy with all the contaminants around. Well, I am chattering here, but I had fun coloring this box, and then I etched out with a sharp wood tool the words before I went back and blackened them. I was disappointed you really can't see the carved out wood part. The bee was a large rubber stamp and then I hand painted the flowers. Sometimes it is just fun to take a breather and do something different!

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