Monday, November 10, 2008

New DogBone bracelet with Pearls and Flowers!

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A great combination! Flowers, pearls, and Dogbones to wear! Bones and circles are sterling silver and flowers are bronze. Two small hearts, one in bronze and one in sterling with my name stamp and made in USA on it. I can put as many pearls on it as you would like. I have some very beautiful pearls in all kinds of colors! Nice round ones in brown (or coffee latte as I like to call them) and pink and a beautiful burgundy garnet pearl, rich goldens and copper and a 'sea mist' teal color. I also have some real big fat round beautiful whites for the traditional in you. This bracelet is easy to size larger as I can add an extra flower, or loop. This piece is brand new and is not on my website yet, so if you want it for yourself or a dog loving friend just email me and I will make it for you and ship it right out. $120.00 with up to 4 pearls

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Tracy said...

That is so cute - it's worth getting a dog for! :)