Saturday, January 10, 2009

Caring and Sharing when it counts the most....

The letter below is so meaningful to me. This is why I do what I do. To hopefully make a difference in peoples lives. Thank you Betsy for your kind heart and giving soul.

Hi Sandy,
My name is Betsy. I live in TN, just outside of Nashville. I have worn your silver cuffs for a few years now. My very favorite is "It will be alright." I used to buy these from Femail Creations but they quit carrying them. I thought all was lost. You see, I would give them away to women I would see who were having a hard time. I gave my first one to my mother when she lost her best friend about three years ago. When I had to go to rehab and leave my four daughters for a month, she gave the cuff back to me. While in rehab I met a dear woman who was really struggling. I gave her the cuff and told her to keep it as long as she needed it and then pass it on to someone who needed it more. I came home and ordered many more over the next couple of years, wearing them and then giving them away. I had given my last one away when they quit carrying them. My mother gave me one I had bought to replace hers and I have worn it for the past year. When I found your website with your cuffs, I almost died!!! I immediately bought another one for my mother. I also bought three others that I loved. I stack them on my left arm and don't wear anything else. My daughters love my cuffs. I also wear my "One Day at a Time" cuff every day. I just bought the men's version for a friend of mine who is celebrating 17 years in recovery on Friday. Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful cuffs and tell you what they have meant to me!!!xoxo betsy

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