Monday, February 20, 2012

Faith...Do you Believe?

I was just lying in bed after taking a benedryl to try and dry up my sinuses. It seems I suffer from sinuses problems alot during the years. Anyway, a memory came flooding back to me that I thought I should share.

Many years ago while I was living in Phoenix, it was time for me to produce my new jewelry designs. I would always produce many new pieces, usually 10 or 12, at least twice a year to keep my clients interested on my new work. It was time for me to come up with new, wonderful as always, awe-inspiring designs, and I had NOTHING. I was BLANK. Call it blocked or what have you, I had no new designs, time was short and I was scared. And I had alot of people depending on me, besides, if I didn't make good designs, I didn't make any money for the year. Talk about pressure.

The shows, I always did several wholesale shows in different parts of the country with my representatives showing for me and they were asking me what the new pieces were like. They were excited of course, cause my new work was always wonderful, and they were anxious to hear about what I had come up with. I had a responsibility to the reps, to the stores, to my following, my faithful customers, to come out with the always expected WONDERFULLNESS of my next Toby and Max designs.

and I had nothing. Blank, Void, Empty. I had been trying for weeks to come up with them. As I said, I was scared, frightened that I was totally empty on all cylinders.

I went to bed that night, and prayed. I am used to praying, I do believe in prayer. Maybe more now than I did back then. I prayed, "Dear Lord, please help me, bring me YOUR designs, what YOU want me to share with my following. I am scared Lord, I have absolutely nothing in my mind as to what to come up with. I have never been on empty before. Lord, please inspire me with what I should do. Thank you Jesus, I trust in you." Now I don't remember the exact prayer, but it was something very close to that. Then I went to sleep.

About 2 hours later I woke up, and I saw designs moving all around my head. I grabbed a notepad and pen, and started jotting them down. They flowed like a river, one right onto the next. They were cohesive, and beautiful. I drew out 13 new designs right there as fast as I could, and I knew they were perfect. I said "Thank you Lord", and went back to sleep.

The next day I put them in metal on my steel block with my hand stamping. They all went into my line quickly, in time for the shows, and were some of the best selling, most loved designs I have ever made. Everyone was happy,over the top happy, my reps, my stores, and my collectors, my faithful fans who follow me.

So do I have faith? You bet I do! Do I believe, oh yes. Has this type of communication and answers happened to me since? Yes, many times.

I don't know why I am feeling so compelled to write this, right now at this time. But I do know there is a reason. I have faith that it will find the right person, and I believe it will help, console, give faith, whatever it is supposed to do, to whoever it should. I have learned through the years (although I admit I still need to give myself a reminder talking to once in a while) to do my best and go in faith that what should happen, will happen with faith and prayer. And so I write this.

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