Sunday, April 8, 2012

Birds are singing this Easter morning...

I awoke to the sound of birds singing. I love when that happens. It was still dark outside. I mean really dark. I thought, just what time do they get up anyway?? Looked at my watch and it was 5:15. So I guess they were the "early birds" :)

Now, as I am sitting and enjoying my coffee there are more birds making all kinds of different calls and I would suppose 'talking' to each other. I think it is interesting that one of the biggest and loudest beautiful songs comes from this small little bird. I am also smelling my Gardenias that I have in a pot on my terrace. They are just lovely. What a beautiful beginning to this Easter Sunday.

It seems so fitting that today is the day I show you my newest earrings which I am just in love with. "Birds on the Fence" dangle with pearl. They go with my "Birds of a Feather" bracelet and pendant. These earrings are just adorable, and super light to wear. Hope you like them as much as me. They remind me of my mornings with all my bird friends.

May you be blessed. xoxo, Sandy

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