Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For Dogs and Their People!

I am so excited about these I can hardly stand still! They all come on a trendy swivel clasp so you can hook them up anywhere! On your necklace (I have 2 style of necks that I made especially for these that they look so fabulous on!), Dog Collar, key chain, purse, you name it. Makes great gifts for friends too. Most of them are bare on the back so you can engrave a sweet note, or your Dogs name and phone number.

For these designs and more go here:


Tracy said...

aww so cute! I think Chewie is a Wonder Dog :) and I love love love the "I don't care where we go as long as I'm with you".

Sandy said...

Thank you Tracy,

I know that Chewie IS a WONDERDOG!!!! What a cutie he is!

Deena said...

Such beautiful dog inspired jewelry! I love the sentiments and the quality looks so good and solid. Santa, are you listening??