Thursday, December 3, 2015

Trying to find the bright side

Looking for joy on a daily basis is sometimes hard. Who am I kidding? It is difficult a lot of the time. Getting outside helps me. Going for a walk and listening to the birds, petting friends dogs who are being walked, and looking up into the sky helps me. Sometimes.

I pray. I pray a lot. What is the world coming to, Lord? What is happening? What are we to do? Sometimes I am just overcome with all the cruelty and evil in the world. As much as I want to look on the bright side, sometimes I have trouble doing so. So I just take it one day at a time and hope and pray that tomorrow is better. What helps you?


Texas Yellow Rose said...

Oh Sandy, I do know what you mean. The world has become a place I hardly recognize some days, and I know my parents would have a difficult time understanding it all most days. Year 2015 has been a personally challenging one, on top of the world situation. I have had a number of tough days, but I keep soldiering on, reminding myself of who I am, and that there is so much beauty around us each day, each moment. What keeps me going? Well, my inner strength and beliefs...and good friends! What else? Truly, that sturdy, silver reminder on my right wrist telling me. . . I Am A Warrior. Maggie sends her doggie hugs, along with mine.

Sandy said...

I am so pleased your sterling Warrior bracelet gives you strength. Thats what I had in mind when I made it. Thank you for telling me. Please give Maggie a big doggie hug and kiss for me. I miss my Oscar Noodles the Poodles so much. It's been just over a year without him.
If Maggie isn't shy I would love to post a picture of her, and of you too, with your bracelet if you would like.
So good to hear from you. It makes me feel not quite so alone. Some days are definitely better than others. xoxo, Sandy