Friday, August 22, 2008


I do have to say that this bracelet is very special to me. I received an email one day from Stacey, who wanted two of these bracelets custom made with her words CHOOSE FUN. One for herself and a matching one for her daughter. She explained that it's their favorite saying! Her daughter was going on to bigger things and she wanted her to have it for her new journey!!! Great gift mom!!!! And something I am sure your daughter will treasure forever.
When Stacey received the bracelets she wrote this to me:

"i am speechless!
they are absolutely PERFECT.
it made me teary, because they are very special to me...
it is" our slogan", you know.... : )
i am especially glad that you were a part of it all.
i wish we lived closer to one another...i feel like i know you, sandy.
i will send you photo's when i give them to her.
thank you very very much, friend.
you are a gem." :) Stacey

Wow, I am so happy to have been able to make these for you!! These two women, mom and daughter, are living life out loud!!!! You go girls!!!

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Sarah said...

Hey - that is a FUN bracelet! I think you should make that part of your permanent line!!!

Sandy said...

I think I might just do that! Thank you for commenting. xoxoSandy