Thursday, July 2, 2009

Want to win THIS?!! .......Be part of my first Contest!

This contest is closed, but there is a new contest started 7/23/10 that will be going on for about a month. Check my blogs current post for info.

This is a substantial piece of Sterling. Not the light weight, can't tell if you have them on, (or lose them) neck charms that are so common now. I made this pendant first in clay, forming the wings into a beautiful sculpture. Then on the back I stamped the words "Protect Me". You can use this as a talisman for protection, a reminder that you are not alone, or just as a beautiful piece of sterling art. It is almost 1" across and quite thick. Reminds me of those lost treasures that are found at sea, when the trunks are opened and all the silver and gold coins fall out.

You can win this "treasure" by simply leaving a comment below telling me what your favorite Toby and Max piece of jewelry is. If you need to visit my website to browse all my designs click here to go to BUT, DON'T FORGET TO COME BACK HERE TO THIS BLOG POST to leave your comment. (COMMENTS are listed at the end of this post, click, and you can read all the comments left or you can click on the Jump to Comments Form and leave your comment.) AND, BE SURE TO include your first name and your email address or some way I can contact you if you should win the contest. Also, just to make it a tad more interesting please put the name of the state or country you are currently in.
Contest is over the end of August, so enter now, and I will notify the lucky winner shortly thereafter.

ALSO, if you can't wait, or want one for a friend, then now is the time to buy, as I have just put them on sale. 25% off only for the length of the contest. Click here to go to sale.


Debby said...

My favorite thing in your shop is the "Believe in Yourself" link bracelet. I like it so much that I bought it for my daughter for her 21st birthday. When she lost it on a kayaking trip, I bought her another. It's just beautiful and she only takes it off to kayak now! Really I like everything, but that's my favorite.

cris said...

i have the "sisters" cuff, the "bless this woman" cuff and also a cuff personalized just for me "what would lucy do" (lucille ball fan) all given to me by my sister. I also love the "this too shall pass" - a saying that a very dear friend often uses in bad times.

Teresa said...

I love everything, especially the bracelets. But my absolute favorite is the "and she lived happily ever after..." bracelet. I bought it for myself on the day that would have been my 25th wedding anniversary, had my marriage not ended in divorce. I love the fact that the message is on the inside. When I wear it, it reminds me that even though things didn't turn out the way they "should have," I am and choose to live happily ever after.

angela said...

Hi I love the "and this too shall pass" bracelet. My Grandmother passed away in December and that was always her advice for me and my Aunts who are like sisters to me. So when I found this I purchased 3 of them for each of us. We all wear ours everyday with what ever we are wearing. It reminds us of her and what she would tell us when we are worrying about something. Thanks for your beutiful art!

Angela Fort Worth, Texas

Lynn said...

Hi, I love the "and she lived happily ever after" bracelet. I bought it for myself last year on my 30th birthday. It reminds me that my happiness is not based on others and that no matter what life throws at me I have a choice to live happily ever or not.

Hartville, Missouri

Lindsay said...

I was 22 when my dad passed away unexpectedly in October 2007. Not prepared for the changes that were about to take place in my life, I purchased the 'one day at a time' bracelet shortly after. It is a simple reminder that things will be alright, and you can get through anything if you just take it day by day. My mom then purchased the 'you are very special to me' cuff on the 6 month anniversary of his passing and my best friends got me the 'I am always here for you' cuff for my college graduation. I wear them together everyday as a reminder of him, the person he continually inspires me to become, and of the love I have in my life. I might have seen him yesterday, I may not see him tomorrow, but I know, someday, I will be with him forever.. one day at a time. Thank you for you support and inspiration.

Lindsay - Green Bay, WI

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the believe in yourself cuff bracelet. I bought it for myself when I was going through a divorce, later, after I was happily remarried, I passed it on to my daughter when she was turning 10. I plan to buy another one for my younger daughter when she turns 10! thanks,
Sheila in Virginia

Anonymous said...

My favourite cuff is the "And she lived happily ever after". It was the first one I saw and the first one I owned. It makes me smile every time I put it on or look at it. I love it and have given several cuffs to friends and family as gifts. Thanks for such beautiful jewellery with such powerful words.


Anonymous said...

ooooooooooo my favorite is my All Shall be Well bracelet!! it's the one piece of jewelry that never leaves my body.
loud cheers.
and happy Panamanian dances!

Tina said...

HI Sandy!
My favorite piece is the "Breathe" pendant---it is so beautiful and helps me to be in the present moment. I find if I am here in the Now life is so much sweeter!!
I also bought 2 cuffs from Raindogs boutique in Yachats, Oregon when we were moving(gifts to self --reward for all the hard work and stress) and love them both--runners up: It Will Be Alright and I Will Travel Down The Path of my Dreams cuffs!!
Love your blog!
Take care--Tina

k in oh said...

i have 2 favorites and can't pick one over the other! "Live Bold, Trust Your Instincts"...bought it shortly after i took over my store (over 5 years ago) and wear it every day. perfect reminder to stay in touch with yourself and have faith.
my other favorite ..."Bless this Woman" pendant. as a retailer who has sold (and given) many Toby & Max items, i had never been the recipient of one as a gift. i arrived at the store one very difficult day having just that morning made the decision that it was time to end the suffering of my much loved cat that had shared her beautiful spirit with me for 18 years. later that morning, i received an unexpected gift in the mail...for no special reason...of a "bless this woman" pendant from my friend Sandy. to this day i am still amazed at the timing and touched by the power of friendship to help us through those difficult times.
sorry to be so wordy...just a couple examples of the power of affirmations as offered by Toby & Max! thank you, thank you...
Kim on Ohio

Anonymous said...

After looking through all of your jewelry (many times over the past year)I must say I go to the little wing in your contest. I love it because I know that God has always had angels watching over me and the little wing is a gentle reminder. Unlike the other women who left comments, I don't own any of your jewelry. Not because it isn't beautiful but because I couldn't decide which one "speaks" to me the most. What do I want to say about myself through a piece of jewelry? When I decide this, I will know. Your work is fabulous!
Jennifer B. at

Roberta said...

Love the cuff with the phrase "This too shall pass" because this has always been one of my favorite sayings. I think my boys got tired of hearing it from me as they were growing that they are adults...they understand it and have learned to be patient in tough times. Love all your jewelry and saw this contest on Darci's blog and previously in magazines. Fondly, Roberta

renee altson said...

I am a wearer and keeper of talismans. I find myself drawn to stones with words and your store is *amazing* in this way. wow!

I loved so many things in the store, but my very favorite is the "all shall be well" bracelet:

This is a quote that I quote often to myself: "all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well."

I don't yet believe it. I was raised in a extremely abusive environment, and even after 25 psych hospitalizations, 40 electroconvulsive treatments, and at least 10 therapists, I still struggle with the idea of "well."

But I am striving towards it with everything in me, and in that effort, it's good to be reminded that there is perhaps a brighter future.


renee altson said...
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Lynn said...

I absolutely LOVe the bracelet that says Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are - TM 428 D. Its gorgeous!


Chris@Something Special said...

Hello Bee sista...
As a retailer who has sold so many Toby and Max bracelets, it is difficult to pick one favorite! So..I will pick three!
"With God all things are possible", "Life is a journey not a destination...enjoy the moments"' and "A true friend should be held with both hands". You sound very happy down there...hope we can chat soon.