Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great People in Panama!

I just love this guy. He always has a big smile and his vegetable stand is one of many in the farmers mercado building. I buy pineapples (pina's) from him and he picks just the right one to cut into either that day or the next day, whatever I request. The best pineapples I have ever had for $1-1.50. And mangos, I love those mangos, depending, I get either 4 or 6 mangos for 1.00! And avacados, .25 cents each!!!

I just love the people here, they are always smiling and friendly and eager to help. FOR EXAMPLE; I bought a small lamp the other day at a pharmacy (farmacia) gift shop and it didn't have a light bulb in it. It must have been the manager that was helping me cause he was dressed in a nice suit and went into his office and brought out a light bulb for me to try. (I am sure he took it out of one of his own lamps). "Good, can I buy the light bulb?" "No" he says (it really wasn't the right type of bulb, it was more of a spot light), "I need a light bulb for my lamp" I say. Now mind you, I am trying to speak in espanol, which is not a pretty picture, and I am smiling and moving my hands and trying to get the point across, and he disappears. Umm, he was gone so fast, where did he go? My lamp is there, so I wait looking at other stuff in the store for maybe 2 minutes, and in the door he comes with a huge smile and a brand new light bulb, in the box, in his hand!!! He shows me the receipt, .30 cents. He had gone down to a store a few doors down and bought one for me!!!!! Oh my, I was astounded!! What service, but what a lovely thing for him to do! And he looked even happier than I did!

Did I mention, I just love the people here!!

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