Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I have to share my new find!!

I blogged about her on my travel blog , but am posting here in case you missed it there. Isn't she cool!
I love her face. She is carved wood, (except the wings are metal) and she is from Guatamala. I bought her here in Boquete, Panama at the store I blogged about before Casa Colonial. She is such fun to have around. I put her on a little table in the corner of my livingroom and I am going to put a spot light on her as soon as I figure out how to get one to work.
I didn't notice the golden boots till I got her home! She has a few fingers missing, but I think that makes her more interesting and handmade looking. She is about 2 feet tall.
Oh, and she has some cracks in her; but don't we all!


Roberta said...

Love this "angel" I think it would look great with all of your lovely jewelry hanging on it...drape lots of bracelts on the arms and necklaces around the neck...I use all kinds of "dolls" on my dressers to "display" my jewelry. Keeps it all in site and in
Fondly, Roberta
ps...I lived in Panama in the 70's when I was a teenager...would love to visit the "Canal Zone" again.

Sandy, designer of Toby and Max Jewelry said...

Hey Roberta, thats a great idea! I will dress her up and see how she looks. Thanks also for your comments, it is so good to get feedback. I wish more people would write. You said you saw me on Darci's blog. Can you send me link to please. I know folks out there mention me and some magazine too and I don't know till someone tells me.
Thanks again.

Sandy, designer of Toby and Max Jewelry said...
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