Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Does this dog look "Bad to the Bone"??

Your right, he doesn't. He is a sweetie with attitude that belongs to a friend of mine. But I think he would be awfully cute in one of my new 'upcoming' dog tags that says "Bad to the Bone" with a tiny sterling 3-d bone on the front!! Maybe it will scare away those big dogs!! And attitude does count for something doesn't it?!!


E.L.M Dyck said...

He's a cutie!

Karyn said...

There are no bad dogs ... And you're right he would look adorable in one of your dog tags.

PJ said...

You have a really nice and ecclectic blog of which I am now following. I must say I do not have your love for sun flowers LOL! As a matter of fact I have a phobia against them. When I was very small, we lived in El Paso, Texas down in the valley. Our back yard was nothing but a sun flower field which was home to many, many rattle snakes. It was nothing for my mom and sisters to have to kill them out back and even in the front yard sometimes. Needless to say, I still have nightmares about snakes and sunflower fields.

I am going to check out your Jewelry website. I am interested in the "Bad to the Bone" doggie tag. My in-laws have quite a few dogs between them and they naturally are like their children. So these would be darling gifts for them. If I still had my "baby" (she died from old age back in 2003 (almost 18 years old). Anyway, hubby won't let me get another one.

Come by and see me sometime.

God Bless!