Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have always wanted to paint

I started taking lessons last month and have ventured into starting a large painting. 30"x 30". I like large. I like it when I walk into a room and there are large paintings or other types of artwork on the walls. Strong, dramatic. Thats what I am hoping to achieve. This is a picture of the beginnings of my first painting. I still have MUCH to do. But I am having some fun with it in between making many new jewelry designs, and working on my website, my blog, and walking my wonderful dog. I will post more pics as the painting comes along. Besides large, I like colorful and bright too, the kind that when you look at it, it just makes you feel good.


Anonymous said...

so far, so good. I love the colors you've chosen and the fact that the vase isnt dead center, looks good. Best wishes, Erika

Mommie Kate said...

Lovely! You are so talented!

Lisa Madden Bass said...

This is beautiful...I love the color combinations. I have wanted to begin painting again, and this is quite and inspriration for me.

Be Blessed,

Sunny Day said...

I love to paint but haven't done anything in the last two years. Keep at it, only practice will give you the finished product that you want.