Monday, August 9, 2010

a work in progress

Can you tell I worked on my painting a bit more? (There is a 'before' pic about 3 posts down.) I did this in the 3 hour painting class I go to once a week. I like the contrast of the background color on the left. It will be easier for me now (I hope) to fill in with more flowers and more color since the background is there. I also need to pick a color for the 'tablecloth'. It is really much more colorful in person, I don't know why the color didn't come through on the picture.

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Holly said...

I can tell. I like the contrast, too. Because it doesn't matter what colors your walls are. When it is the same all the way around, the light reflects differently on each angle and it DOES appear different.

I am not a painter... I admire those with that talent. I do photography and I do have some tools where I can PAINT a photo. That's pretty cool, but it's pretty much CHEATING... HUH? LOL!