Tuesday, August 24, 2010

so many ideas

I love the comments and suggestions that you all have sent me. I love the "you are my sunshine" and I am developing the design for it now! SunieDawn sent me that suggestion and she will receive for free one of the first ones I make! I also really like the "I love you MORE!" How cute that would be to wear.

I am also making "I love you to the Moon and back", with a cute smiling moon face. I love so many of the comments that you have sent, I am having a tough time deciding on just which ones. I think I will be making about 10 of these little cuties so keep sending me your ideas, and favorite sayings. I really enjoy hearing from you and your stories that go with your favorite words.


Nancy Craddock said...

Love your jewelry and I'm so excited that you're taking suggestions! What fun! Here are mine. THANKS!

Wagon Shape (as in Little Red Wagon):
"Travel Far" on the front and "Come Back Home" on the back.

Cupcake Shape:
"Birthday Wishes" on the front and "Many Sprinkles" on the back.

Teddy Bear Shape:
"Bear Hugs" on the back.

Star or Wand Shape:
"Many Wishes" on the front and "One You" on the back.

Heart Shape:
"Always" on the back.

Lollipop Shape:
"Sugar 'n Spice" on the back.

Musical Note Shape:
"Angels Sang" on the front and
"When You Were Born" on the back.

Present (Gift) Shape:
"My Best Present" on the front and "You" on the back.

Hope I didn't send too many! Many thanks and good luck with your new line!

Nancy Craddock said...

Please change my suggestion on the back of the wand where I have "Many Wishes" on the front to "For You" on the back instead of "One You". Thanks!

Sandy said...

Hi Nancy,

You are full of so many good ideas!! Really got me thinking maybe I need to add more designs to start with. Did you leave me a way to get in touch with you? I don't see it if you did.
my personal email: sandy@TobyandMax.com

Thanks for all your great ideas!!
xo Sandy

eof777 said...

Hi there,
I am following you and catching up with visiting everyone from our TTTT with Redhead Riter... I dont see your piece on the crayon exercise or your two favorite things. Anyway, do follow back
Happy Friday,

Lisa Madden Bass said...

Hey, Sandy!
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Secondly, thank you for the comments about my blog, I have been changing things around lately and am really not sure what I am doing!
I am always here...and by the way I love your blog!! Oh, and I do have a Facebook page, but for some reason lately it has not been working.


Sandy said...

Hi Elizabeth and Lisa, sometimes it seems that I can't find things either on the sites. I think its cause I am a newbie to this. Facebook was a problem for me too, and I just opened a new page for Toby and Max Jewelry. I am posting there now and don't see where the "Like" button is. Do you know? I do have one on my blog if you would want to click it that would be great. Thank you mucho much!
xoxo, Sandy
Please send me your FB links too so I can 'like' you too!

violette said...

hi there......i actually bought a necklace that said "you are my sunshine" for my daughter-in-law...she always sings that to my grandbaby. I would have bought from you if i knew you had such a jewelry piece.
Love your work.

Love, Violette