Saturday, October 2, 2010

Am I crazy!? I tried out for a play this morning!!

I can't quite believe it myself. I started taking acting classes a couple months ago and our teacher who is a retired acting coach from southern california is directing a new play, and I actually got up the nerve to go and "read"!! The whole experience is so interesting, from all the things to learn about how to act, (and not be "acting") to how try-outs are done. We are supposed to find out tonight who gets parts and which ones. I don't care, I don't need to be in the play, not even sure if I want to be, I just wanted to experience the 'readings' with other people who were trying-out and soak in the new experience.

See, I am really quite shy, and I thought this whole thing would be good for me to expand my boundaries and do something that was a bit uncomfortable. I had no idea that it would be so much FUN!


sherri said...

Oh How exciting and fun Sandy!! What play is it? That's something that I've always wanted to do but I don't think I could remember lines.... I'm excited for you!

Mar said...

wonderful! are following through with your 'going to try the new' and experiencing something foreign a play! thank you for visiting my blog
i don't know if it was a first visit
or just the first time you ever commented
i appreciate it though
and now i have a found a new and interesting place to come and follow..nice to 'meet' you!
and lovely jewelry pieces!!!!

Sandy said...

Hi Sherri,

The play is the Odd Couple (female version). It is really quite funny. The Felix character is "Florence" and the Oscar character is "Olive"! Having a great time and learning so much.
I was very worried about learning lines too, but I tell myself that I am just going to do it, and do it!! Little by little, it works out.

Sandy said...

Hi Mar,

I just found your blog and glad I did. Isn't art fun!!!
And especially meeting other artist is kinda special too.
thank you for visiting me. xoS