Tuesday, August 24, 2010

so many ideas

I love the comments and suggestions that you all have sent me. I love the "you are my sunshine" and I am developing the design for it now! SunieDawn sent me that suggestion and she will receive for free one of the first ones I make! I also really like the "I love you MORE!" How cute that would be to wear.

I am also making "I love you to the Moon and back", with a cute smiling moon face. I love so many of the comments that you have sent, I am having a tough time deciding on just which ones. I think I will be making about 10 of these little cuties so keep sending me your ideas, and favorite sayings. I really enjoy hearing from you and your stories that go with your favorite words.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 days in Panama City

I spent 2 days last week in Panama City, and that is not the one in Florida. As always it was very hot which is why I only go there when completely necessary. I take taxi's everywhere I must go because, believe you me, you don't want to drive here. It is quite different than the states. They have their own rules, but they all seem to know them so it works out.

I went to the American Embassy, which is my first time ever to any embassy. I wanted to take pictures but the security at the entrance was so tight (tighter than the airports!) that they kept my camera, cell phone, keys, phone charger!, and water bottle, and returned them to me on my way out. So I could not get any pictures. It was very cool though, a new building and very efficient. I was in and out in about 45 minutes, which in Panama is unusual and a very good thing!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New stuff for Moms!! And a contest to boot!!

I am developing a new line of charms for Moms and their kiddos! (Some samples above) How great is this! And all the mommies out there can participate! What words would you like to wear that are important to you? And do you have a favorite symbol or picture, or icon that you would like to see on the front?

I am having a CONTEST for all you mommies, and of course GRANDmommies, and of course, anyone else who wants to participate ! To enter leave a comment of what you would like to wear, or have for your child. I don't know about you, but I still call my mom, "mommy"! There is just something special in that don't you think?

Anyway, please leave your entries and ideas in comments below, or email me direct at Sandy@TobyandMax.com. Any person who comes up with a design that I add to the line, will receive a FREE one when I first make them!!! I should be making these within a month or so, so start those creative juices flowing and win yourself a free sterling charm to wear on your wrist or around your neck. That is if you can get it away from your little girl, as she will probably want to be a fashionista too! You can be wild and crazy with ideas. Let's have some fun!! Be sure to add your email address, website, or something so I can get in touch with you.

xo Sandy
"words of encouragement, love and friendship"

Monday, August 9, 2010

a work in progress

Can you tell I worked on my painting a bit more? (There is a 'before' pic about 3 posts down.) I did this in the 3 hour painting class I go to once a week. I like the contrast of the background color on the left. It will be easier for me now (I hope) to fill in with more flowers and more color since the background is there. I also need to pick a color for the 'tablecloth'. It is really much more colorful in person, I don't know why the color didn't come through on the picture.