Saturday, May 5, 2012

Antigua Guatamala, a new adventure

Wow! Unplanned and quite a surprise I got to visit a new country! Antigua, means old (I bet you knew that already didn't you) and the town is definitely old. Streets are all cobblestones which makes for interesting walking while sightseeing. Always looking down to see if the next step might be an ankle twister, while looking in all the open shop doors at the beautiful courtyards, restaurants, and stores.

The town has walled streets that are all 2 stories, that to me was like looking down a tunnel or a maze until I got used to them. No signs showing you what was inside the building are allowed to hang out from the wall, so when you look down the main streets, you can't tell what is down there until you walk up to each door and read the sign that is flat against the wall. It is kinda nice, (once you know your way around) that you don't have signs hanging out all over, but it makes for a lot of walking on the cobblestones to see what is down the block.

I have lots of pictures of women carrying bundles on their head, and fruit baskets! I will post those soon. Also coming up, and so interesting (really is, even though it might not sound like it) is where the women do their laundry, in a communal setting. Fascinating.

One of the many beautiful courtyards that entice you to enter. This is a restaurant, one of dozens in the town.
The Square in the center of town. Everything goes on 'around the square'. I found the mountains beautiful in the background.
Textiles is what Guatamala is known for. I was so happy to be able to see the women actually using their looms. Beautiful fabrics, and I got a couple that will soon be adorning my walls.

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Tracy said...

Great pics. You are so lucky to experience these things, and thanks for sharing with us. One day I hope to get some stamps in my passport :)