Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Baubles for you...

3 new beautiful baubles for you, for your dog, or for your MAN DOG!! Whether he has a rough and tough 4 legs, or 2!! New clasp you can move around from necklace to collar, to purse or belt loop. More to come, collect them on a neck chain or where ever you like.

Also available on a Beautiful 20" antique chain that comes with your choice of 1 of our new baubles to begin your collection. Add to it anytime when you find another you just can't refuse!! (7 available currently and more coming soon!)

"MAN DOG" looks great on black leather, perfect for the man in your life. Or, if you have a big bruiser of a dog, he will look great in it too!

"My Heart Belongs to You", is good for, well, just about anybody you love. Your wife, your girlfriend, (one a a time please :), your favorite dog or cat.

"Wonder Dog" is a classic cause everyone thinks knows their dog is a wonder dog!! I know mine is :) xo, Sandy

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