Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not for the faint of heart......

Today was my first time to cook a whole chicken here in Latin America. I really didn't think about it, a chicken is a chicken right? I usually only buy breast, boneless & skinless, cause that is my favorite part, and I hate to mess with raw chicken. I don't even like to touch it. It's easier to get a breast ready to rinse and put in a pan to bake.

Ok, so I am not a consummate cook, I admit that. Well, today I decided to do up a whole chicken with all the fixens for company was coming over and I knew they liked the dark meat.

Knowing I don't like to 'deal' with chicken, I open up the bag and take a look.

Ok, so I was prepared to find maybe gizzards inside. But when I open the bag, I saw this hanging out.

Ick, did they put those in there?!

Oh yes, they included the feet in the tummy canal! Oh, I so hate raw chicken anyway. I can barely stand to touch it.
So I put on a plastic bag around my hand and pull out the leg, one at a time, and I think maybe there is only one in there. I can’t get a grip on anything else. Then I find something else and pull it out, yep theres more…
I almost started crying!!! It was awful. I was not prepared for this. I kept apologizing to the bird the whole time I put his feet and head in a black bag and sealed him up for disposal. “Oh honey, I am so sorry, I am so sorry”. Because I saw his head, it somehow felt more personal. I didn't like that a bit. It made me feel like an animal killer. Which by eating this, I guess maybe I am?

I have heard it said that people in the U.S., or cities, are too distant from the meat they eat. Detached from the reality of eating animals. I just know this, that I don’t want to ever eat anything again that has a head!!!!

Lord, please help me to like vegetables more.



Tracy Webster said...

Holy cow! You are braver than I am. I don't think I would have been able to touch that head - I probably would have screamed, cried, and apologized like you, then toss the whole thing away in fear, lol.

Sandy said...

Hi Tracy,

Oh no, not braver than you, that is pretty much what I did!! I am surprised someone didn't hear me out the kitchen window and come running to see what the fuss was about!

Anonymous said...

It looks as though it was cleaned very well. Next time put the whole thing into a soup pot, cover it with water and simmer for twelve hours. The broth may need a little salt but it is far far better than Swanson chicken broth, MSG or not. Freeze part of it for another day. Then add yucca, some veggies, cilatantro/culantro and more chicken bits. Serve with a bowl of rice on the side. Sound familiar yet?

Christina Kilby said...

First, let me say that I was a customer of yours (Folk Tails) and LOVE your work! I'm glad to see you are still making your amazing jewelry! As for your post...

This is exactly why I became a vegetarian at 13 years old. I do believe that most people are "too distant" from the meat they eat. I confound many people when I say that I have more respect for a hunter that eats what they kill than for the average person that refuses to think about where that hamburger or chicken breast came from.

And let me be clear...I believe most people are blissfully ignorant, and not purposely so. It's the people that DO know and choose to ignore it because it makes it easier "not knowing" that frustrate me.

Anonymous said...

This is why I ordered a chickpea burger the other day at a local hot spot! I gave up beef/pork/lamb etc a few years ago after ruminating about being too removed from the source of meat. I can and do fish and am able to live with those consequences, and I kid myself into imagining that I could actually butcher a chicken/turkey because my kids don't really care for fish and/or soy. But your photos and story are pretty graphic. Whenever I do cook animals, I try to use every bit of them in honor of the fact they died to feed me. It may not be the purest form of eating, but it helps me live with it if I'm able to recognize and respect the reality.

Sandy said...

Hi Christina, I just now realized you had left me a comment. Sorry I didn't know sooner and get back to you. I totally agree. Good to hear from you, and please, keep in touch. xo :)

And Anonymous, thank you so much for commenting. I appreciate what you are saying and agree that we should be cognizant of where our 'meat' is coming from. A living being has given everything to feed us. I wish I could do total vegs, but I just haven't been able to, I am very sorry to say. Also I have hypoglycemia, and need a lot of protein, I mean a lot, which makes it harder for me to figure out. I do use a lot of beans! xo, Sandy