Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Found Objects used as Gift Wrap!!

I was wrapping a birthday present for a good friend of mine (actually my newly ex-husband) (seems so weird to call him that), and I needed something to wrap around the present as a decoration. I wanted something different, and something kinda manly looking and something that I had around the house so I could get it wrapped quickly and in the mail.

I decided to try a found object collage type thing and see how it looked. I went to the garage and found several old fun, cool pieces. (matter of opinion I know) These were all in bins saved by my ex-spouso for forever; for who knows what, and I thought "Perfect"!! I think it turned out kind of cute in a funky, junky kind of way. I added a few black beads and some have tiny gold stars on them, and then an orange heart and the only thing I could find with a word on it was the label 'cold'. When he got this his first question was ' was that a message to me?'. 'NO, its not, it was the only thing I could find. If I could have found a 'hot' label, I would have put that on there'. Made him feel better I think. Anyway he liked it and I was happy with the way it turned out. I wrapped the whole present with copper wire and just wired on the accessories! I especially like the little springs that are cone shaped. It was an especially fitting decoration as the book that was inside was on how to make stuff out of 'recycled' objects! It would be a fun project for anyone to try.

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~sjts said...

What a really cool thingy!!

lisa said...

YAY you!
and THANKS, Coach. i'll approach packaging OH-SO differently NOW.

can only imagine how your world is spinning these days. hope we can swap lessons and stories soon.

in the meantime, i send you ALL that is good.