Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is the lovely little town high in the mountains in Panama where I spent some time last year. Nestled in the mountains and surrounded by coffee plantations. It is common to see people on horseback and everyone has a friendly "Hola" (hello).

(BELOW) This is 'Donato' a Kuna Indian who I met in the town square and he is making beaded bracelets. Notice the "loom" which he works from, a wooden board with nails that he ties the bead string to and then beads a beautiful design one tiny bead at a time. The Kuna Indians are known throughout the world for their famous "Mola's". There is one hanging in the background. Mola's are many different colorful layers of fabric cut into beautiful designs and all handstitched.

I discovered this beautiful spot on a drive through the countryside.
It was an almost magical place.Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Someday Girlfriend, I'll be going there with you! and you can take me to all your magical spots. I look very forward to that day. I'm glad you have these photos on your blog...i've missed receiving them via email.
Oscar's long lost girlfriend {and your's too!}