Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My painting--finished!! well almost

Notice anything different in the two pics?? After I hung it on my wall (top pic) I thought it still needed a little balance, and not wanting to make a mistake and ruin the whole thing, I cut out a little flower and painted it and just 'stuck' it on with tape! Now, I see that I need to go ahead and paint it in for real. Can you see it? It kind of makes it like a collage at this point. Its a small orange flower on the top left at the wall line of the 2 different colors.

Oh, and this is not the very large painting I showed you before that I am working on. This is a different, smaller one I decided to do before I continue on with 'El Grande'!


Anne said...

Saw you over on "Today's Creative Blog"! Love your jewelry! "Liked" on FB and added you to my FB page!!!
Congrats, Anne

Sandy said...

Anne, THANK YOU for linking and 'liking' me on FaceBook. I cannot find your blog or FB page. Please send me link to, my direct email address.

xoxo Sandy

Lisa Madden Bass said...

I LOVE this painting, the colors are so vibrant, and is simply gorgeous!


Sandy said...

Hi Lisa, thank you for telling me. I go over to your blog alot, it is one of my favorites. I love this painting too, now I am working on a similiar one but about 3 times bigger!! Wowwee!!
xoxo Sandy

Dita said...

Yes I notice the different and I know theres a yellow flower added at the above painting.:)
Nice work!^^