Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thank you Kim from Todays Creative Blog for "Sharing the Love"

A fellow blogger who has a fabulous blog, just wrote this about me today. I am so excited. Here is the link:

Just a snippet to get you enticed to go see:

"Sandy has a beautiful spirit and it shows through her art. I figured with our love of stamped silver, that you too would love her spin. I love the little bone on his cuff. The saying is “become the person your dog thinks you are”. Or something like that.

Isn’t this the cutest little house? Very symbolic if you ask me.I think this is my fav…….it’s a cuff she made for herself. In her words…. “I actually made this as a constant reminder to myself to stay on track of fulfilling my dreams when they seemed unreachable. And now my dreams are coming true!! Keeps the positive thought energy working everyday”.

OK, I lied………I think this heart with wings is my fav. She made these with mom’s and grandmothers in mind. She was having a contest for words and saying to go along with them. Any ideas? I have a feeling she’s always open for inspiration.

If you’re looking for wonderful holiday gifts……..there I go again talking early about the holidays…..seriously…… could do all your shopping online, in your jammies….you don’t even have to put a bra on. Besides her blog, she has an online shop.
She is offering 25% off all orders if you link to her site or facebook. You can find the link access on her site."
Thank you KIM, you're my new Best Friend!!!! Visit Kim's Blog and you can see the pictures/pieces she is talking about.

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