Thursday, September 2, 2010

"You're my Cupcake"!!

Almost done with a design in my new Mommy n' Me line of the cutest little cupcake you have ever seen!!!! It is a petite little beauty that has frosting and hearts and of course sprinkles, all in sterling silver. And on the back it reads "You're my Cupcake". I can't wait till I get the first one finished so I can photograph and show you. It is YUMMY!!


LipstickRocks Blog said...

I look forward to seeing it :) You are very creative and talented! I like your work!

Sandy said...

thank you LipstickRocks!! I am looking forward to your website opening too!!

I will post pics of my new pieces as soon as I have them in my hand!!!! yea!

Bailey said...

Oh my goodness...I just read you are making a cupcake design...I cannot wait! I am currently planning/organizing/getting way over my head for my daughter's 1st birthday!! Theme: pink/white polka dots & cupcakes!!!! I will be checking back or will you email me when you have pics? thanks so much!!

Jess.Bevil said...

oh wow! this sounds beautiful & unique!! Can't wait to see it! :)

Sandy said...


the cupcakes should be ready in about 2 days for me to post pictures. I hope I am in time for your childs party!! I think you are going to LOVE THEM!!!